ComeSeptember, and thousands of Indian students throng to foreign varsities for pursinga PG qualification

A postgraduate course gives students the ultimate opportunity to pursue their own specialist interests. Courses last from one year to two years in duration.

The master's degree is designed to provide additional education or training in the student's specialized branch of knowledge, well beyond the level of baccalaureate study. Master's degrees are offered in many different fields.

Taught master's courses generally last for one to two years and consist of two elements: you'll complete a number of modules (which will include attending lectures and seminars, writing essays and taking examinations) and produce a dissertation from original research. You can search for taught master's courses here

While a master's degree by research, students won’t typically attend lectures - instead they devote the entire year to research. Their final marks are determined by the quality of your dissertation.

It would be unfair, if we talk about postgraduate study options and don’t talk about MBA qualification. An MBA is a specialist business taught master's course that will give you a real step up the managerial ladder. It's the best-known and most popular postgraduate qualification.

Down the years, US have been a dominating career choice for students interested in higher education in the areas of Management and finance. UK has always been famous for social sciences programmes and its unique MBA programmes. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are also the three countries which recently have witnessed huge applications not only owing to their world class teaching facilitates but also due to comparatively easier and welcoming immigration policies.Each year, thousand of students head towards these destinations for finally settling down in their beautiful landscapes. Germany is also one country which has emerged as a hot study destination for applied sciences and engineering disciplines. Germany is one country which accepts IIT-GATE scores for direct admission purposes.

Talking about other important study destinations active in our neighborhood i.e south Asia, Singapore has surfaced as an important destination due to both its quality education and economical costs. Universities in Singapore accept GATE scores for direct admission purposes in their management programmes.

Besides, these days, dozens of universities in India have joined hands with foreign campuses around the world to facilitate students-exchange programmes, thereby giving students a chance to gain valuable insight into different work-cultures around the world.These bilateral arrangements also provide easy access to state-of the art technology and labs facilities to thousands of Indian students.

Such programmes have also been received whole-heartedly especially by those students who do not have means to afford further education overseas.
Available Courses:
  • Pre-master's courses
  • Postgraduate certificate or diploma (PG Cert/Dip)
  • Taught master's (MA, M.S, MSc, LLM,M.Tech,  MEd etc)
  • Research master's (MRes, MPhil)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA):
  • Doctorate (PhD)
  • New Route PhDs 
The major Indian players in this segment are:
Management Development Institute (MDI)
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)
Indian School of Business
Indian Insitute of Planning & Management
Amity University
Rai University

All time favorite destinations’, USA,Australia, and Canada

Newly popular ones: Dubai, China, New Zealand,Ireland, Germany andFrance etc.

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