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Overviews of the U.S.Education System
IIE's homepage containsinformation on exchange programs, fellowships, and services.

the Association ofInternational Educators. Contains resources/advice for foreign students onstudy abroad, financial aid, immigration policies, study programs and advisingcenters.

Council on InternationalEducation Exchange website. Includes information on study abroad programsthroughout the world and International Student Identity cards.

Council for InternationalExchange of Scholars. Information on the Fulbright Senior Scholar Program.

Fulbright Senior Scholar Program.

The United States Network for EducationInformation (USNEI) has a wealth of information on U.S. education and education aroundthe world. The site also contains information about specific programs andinstitutions, scholarships, accreditation, visiting the U.S. and related links.

Site of OSEAS (Overseas EducationalAdvisors) Europe. It has a virtual EducationalAdvising Office with information on education in the US, financial aid, English languageprograms and visas. Provides links to other related sites.

U.S. Department of Education homepage.Provides links to other educational sites.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook online.Contains descriptions of careers, education requirements and training, andsources of additional information.

Federal Trade Commission Web Site. How to spot fraudulent scholarshiporganizations. Provides six tell tale lines that should make studentssuspicious and cautious. Also provides a list of organizations that arecurrently defendants in scholarship fraud.
Regional AccreditationOrganizations

Council for Higher Education AccreditationDirectories, links to regional accrediting agencies and a searchable databaseof accredited institutions of higher education by name, state, andaccreditation association.

A Guide for International Visitors
This guidewas designed to help participants in State Department-sponsored programsunderstand how their program was developed and what to expect before, during,and after.

Overviews of the U.S. Education System

Homepages of U.S. Consulates and Embassies

Tax Information for International Students

Information on Immunization andVaccination Requirements

Informationon U.S. Holidays

U.S. Customs Regulations

Major U.S. Airlines

U.S. Train Travel

U.S. Bus Travel

Information on AlternateOvernight Accommodations

Travel andTourism Information

The Virtual Tourism has a map-based directory of all the www servers in theworld.

Information on hotels, restaurant, city and weather.

Weather information around the world.

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