Overseas students can apply for 3 types of grants to finance their studies in France. The French government grants are administered by different organizations. 

For details, please consult the Cultural, Scientific and Technical Section of the French Embassy in Delhi or the Alliance Française Centers elsewhere. 

Grants and scholarships are also offered by the Indian Government. For details contact University Grants Commission. 

Scholarships are also granted by international and non-government organizations. For an overview consult the biannual UNESCO brochure - Studies Abroad

Internship: The students applying from Engineering Course get 6 month internship in company. 

The French Embassy: Incentive Scholarship Program for all Courses. 

Thales foreign Affairs Program: ashok.charoth@diplomatic.gov.fr

Eiffel Scholarship Program:eiffelscholarship@gov.fr

More information on International Scholarships Schemes for Indian Students, will be posted soon,

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