There are an enormous number of reasons why you should study an undergraduate course in the UK and an even greater number of subjects to choose from; courses from accountancy to zoology are delivered at hundreds of universities and colleges of higher education and a UK degree will allow you to specialize in the subject that interests you, in a country renowned across the world for the quality of its research and the reputation of its academics.

Gain recognized and respected qualifications: UK undergraduate qualifications are respected and valued all over the world. A bachelor's degree, HND or Foundation Degree from a UK college or university will give an edge when you're competing for a job or a place on a postgraduate course.

Make the best use of your time: Full-time undergraduate courses in the UK vary from one year to four years depending on the type of course you choose.

Benefit of Sandwich Courses: One of the biggest advantages of studying in the UK is that the option of combining work placements with academic study such as sandwich courses at the undergraduate level, where by either a student can complete 2 years of college, then a year of commercial training before returning for a final year in college, or, he/she can do a 4-year course with 3-6 months training interspersed each year.

Study the way that suits you best: The wide range of undergraduate courses on offer gives you a huge amount of flexibility. You can enroll on a bachelor's degree from the beginning, or you can start by taking a two-year HND or Foundation Degree and then top up to a degree afterwards if you want. You can also study for a single honours degree where you'll focus entirely on one subject, or study two subjects in a joint honours or combined honours degree.

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