Globally-respected Qualifications 

 Quality standards for UK institutions are among the best in the world. The British qualifications are recognized and respected throughout the world. They serve as a solid foundation for building students' future, boosting career and prospects for a higher salary. 

International Culture in Multi-cultural and Multi-faith UK 

UK offers invaluable multicultural experience for international students. Being an ethnically diverse and multi-faith country, international students are welcomed into a receptive and warm environment while their studies in the UK.

superb English language support with International Recognition

English language skills are fairly important, as English is accepted as being the universal language of business, science, IT and the web around the world. Learning English in the UK allows you to live and think in English

Once in UK, you’ll be able to practice your English language skills every day, in shops and cafes and while you're out with your English-speaking friends. So far, ninety UK scientists and institutions have won Nobel Prizes for their achievements. The UK's creative brains - artists, fashion designers, and film, television and softwaredesigners - are regarded as among the best in the world.
Range of Courses and lot of flexibility
There are three thousand educational institutions in the UK that offer thousands of courses at different levels of education. There is also great flexibility in the way in which a subject can be studied and it is often possible to incorporate different elements such as vocational,English language training, workplacements into a specific programme of study. ‘Conversion courses’ are very popular in the UK with international students as they permit students from a non-related background to pursue their studies in aspecific subject.

Benefit of Sandwich Courses

Another key-advantage of studying in the UK is the opportunity of combining work placements with academic study with sandwich courses at the undergraduate level and work internships at the post graduate level. Having a work componentas part of study programmes gives the students, hands on experience in the chosen area of study, thereby strengthening chances of obtaining employment later on.

Option of Part Time Jobs

Any student who is in UK for more than 6 months duration can work for 20 hours a week part time and 40hrs a week full time during vacations. The minimum wage regulation in the UK states that the minimum possible wage per hour for students working part time must be £4.50, and generally students are generally paid anywhere between £4 to£7 an hour depending upon the nature of the job. 

Courses with Industry- Placement

Most of the UK universities offer strong networks in placements provide students with asalary enabling them to earn money at the same time as studying.

Reasonably priced Investment for the Future
 Studying in the UK is often cheaper than in other countries due to the fact that the courses are shorter - the masters course are generally of 12 months duration as compared to 2 years in other countries and the bachelorsprogrammes are normally of 3 years duration as compared to 4 years in other countries. Since the duration of the courses is shorter the living expenses also tend to be lower in comparison, as the duration of stay is reduced. Mid-career professionals also need to spend less time away from their workplace and careers.

Stringent quality checks

 The British universities are owned and funded by the UK government and hence subject to rigorous quality assurance audits periodically to even out the quality of education across all institutions throughout the UK. This means that all aspects of education being offered by institutions in the UK, be the schools, further education or higher education or research institutions, will  be under scanner with respect to  a certain level of quality and standard as these are closely assessed by the government. A reason why UKgraduates are so highly valued across the globe has something to do with the strict measures of quality imposed on them. Many of these quality checks and reports are available online.

TheQuality Assurance Agency (QAA) ensures that UK higher education is of a standardthat's respected and admired across the world. Please see

Besides,the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) also scrutinizes and ranks the quality of research being carried out in UK colleges and universities.Please see

One can also find information on graduate courses on the Teaching QualityInformation (TQI) website, which provides information on many dimensions on graduate education such as the national student survey and destination information of recent undergraduates. Please see

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